Halong Bay Fisherman Village

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Cap La Fisherman Village

Cap La is one of the small fishing village (lying between Bai Tu Long & Halong Bay). There are 80 family holders with more than 200 people living in this village. They live by fishing. Children go to school until they are 12 years old, then they stop for working as fish man.

No national electricity system here. The local have to use the electricity generators. It is hard and expensive to buy clean water and petrol her.

Vung Vieng Fisherman Village

The Vung Vieng Fishing Village is located in Bai Tu Long Bay, Ha Long Bay, Vietnam. The Village is located about 40 kilometers from Ha Long City, Vietnam. Ha Long Bay and Bai Tu Long Bay are located in Northeast Vietnam approximately 165 kilometers from Hanoi.

The Vung Vieng Fishing Village is one of several old fishing villages in Ha Long Bay. There are about 50 families; the population is between 200 and 300 residents. This includes nearly 100 children.

These families have lived in this village for generations. The language is Vietnamese. The village is a "floating village." There are no structures built on land. The village is very poor. Traditionally income for food and potable water (imported from the mainland) came solely from fishing. Now, there is some supplemental income from tourism also.

Van Gia Fisherman Village

Visiting the village, tourists have a chance to experience the daily life of villagers as well as the traditional culture and customs of the fishermen living in the World Heritage Area of Halong Bay.

This makes it ideal for anchoring boats where you can see firsthand their spacious and clean floating houses. The well-off families even have tiled roofs, radios, television sets, tables and chairs.

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