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Vietnam River Rafting

posted Jun 12, 2018, 12:57 AM by Mai Hoa NGUYEN   [ updated Jun 12, 2018, 12:58 AM ]
Sea kayak and river kayak are the two popular activities for those who look for active adventure holidays in Vietnam.

If you are an active person and you look for something active, challenging activity, then river and sea kayak may respond to your needs. Of course there are many other outdoor adventure travel activities such as trekking, cycling, motorcycle touring…which are available in Vietnam as well.

Halong bay and Cat Ba island are the two most important for kayak in Vietnam.

Halong Bay is located in the northeastern part of Vietnam and constitutes part of the western bank of Bac Bo Gulf, including the sea area of Halong City, Cam Pha Town and part of Van Don island district, Quang Ninh Province. Lots of sea kayak tours are provided by Kayaking Halong Bay ranging from easy half day kayak to multi-day kayak tours.

If you travel with your family, and if you look for something that needs to be both active and fun, then we suggest the two-day or three day boat cruise to Halong bay. These trips include a short kayak trip that runs for about two hour per day.

If you look for something more challenging, then we suggest a three-day kayak tour or a four –day tour. Booking these longer kayak tours, you should hire a private tour guide, a private boat that will be used for transfers and support. The tour guide should know Halong bay very well. There are many small islands in Halong bay. It is easy for you to get lost if you don’t know the kayaking trails. The guide should know where to kayak.

Cat Ba island is also a great place for sea kayak. Cat Ba Island is a tourist spot, attractive for its natural beauty and wonders endowed by nature.  Taking a ride on a car or train for two hours from Hanoi to Haiphong, then on a high-speed vessel for another hour, travelers will arrive at Cat Ba Island, the biggest island (100km²) out of the 366 islands on the Lan Ha Bay.

There are also a wide range of sea kayak tours available in Cat Ba island bay including one-day sea kayak, two-day, three-day tour and longer tours.

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