Travel Guide

Here are some equipment you may need for kayaking in Halong Bay Vietnam. 


Whitewater kayaks are completely different from Sea or Touring kayaks. The type of kayak you choose depends completely on what type of paddling you wish to do and what level of paddler you are.


Each type of kayaking uses a different type of paddle. The store where you buy your equipment can help you figure out which paddle goes with the kayak you decide to buy.


PFD stands for Personal Flotation Device and is essentially a life jacket or life preserver for kayakers.


Sprayskirts help keep the water out of the kayak. They are necessary for Whitewater and Sea Kayaking. Recreational kayaking can do without them. You must be sure that the skirt fits both you and the kayak.


Helmets are a requirement for Whitewater Kayaking. They are not a requirement for Sea Kayaking.

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